Environmentally Friendly And Energy Efficient HVAC Systems; The Story So Far

Most of you already know this. Air conditioners and fans and heaters have been around for many years, so much so that most of your surviving grandmothers and fathers have experienced its cooling and warming effects. In later years, HVAC systems were manufactured and came to replace many of these old stalwarts. But it was only realized years later still that these systems, as well as the old fans, dryers and heaters still used by many, were counterproductive in its purposes and intentions.

The purposes and intensions remain the same. To cool things down during hot summer months. And to warm rooms during cold winter months. And now with HVAC Fairfax VA machines in wide use, the new purpose and intention is to refresh and keep the air clean. The large, older machines still being used continue to do this but with less than desired success. In fact, it inadvertently contributes towards retaining indoor air pollution in clogged old filters that never get replaced.

As they are always saying; out with the old, and bring in the new. That is what today’s experienced and licensed Fairfax HVAC technician will be telling you today. Call him over to your home or business and he will likely be impressing upon you a sense of urgency to have those old units replaced by new, smaller and portable units that do not even make a sound, not even a hum. These lightweight units can be dislodged in different areas of the home or business and re-installed to more strategic areas where air will be purified effectively.

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Air purification processes are effective due to the use of replaceable filters which will be recycled elsewhere. Also, today’s smaller devices utilize far less power than the old, large and clunky machines.