Giving Your Home That Rustic, Rarefied Country Look And Feel

In the modernistic décor sense, the philosophy that says that less is more still applies today. It is pleasing to look at this environment of minimalism and it is enriching to be able to experience it, as in living it. There is always a sense of order that helps add a sense of peace of mind in knowing that the home or apartment owner is always in full control of his or her environment. Modernist décor finishes continue to be popular in this sense.

In keeping with the years long traditions closely connected to heritage, the use of bare wood continues to be piled in. It is a common sight to witness bare rustic planks as the primary materials for solid wall to wall floor installations in the modernistic studio environment. But creating this sense of minimalist tranquility has been something of a challenge for some of those who prefer something of the old world and strive towards giving their home the country look and feel.

rustic planks

That there is an abundant use of wood in the country styled décor setup is never questioned. It is just that some home remodelers in awe of the countrified or gentrified look and feel of things have had a tendency to create clutter for themselves. This is disorderly and chaotic and can conjure up unsettling emotions. No sense of peace and tranquility here. But of course, some folks thrive on this. Each to his own as they say.

Nevertheless, to create a truly, raw country atmosphere with the minimum of effects is not an impossible feat, and it is quite easy to achieve. First to go in will be the bare rustic planks for the atmospheric floorboards. It gives a sense of being out in the middle of nowhere.